Game types

Game Types

Introducing various types of games with instructions.

01, Shootout/ Terrorist takedown, Gangsters, Cops and Robbers, etc etc…

Airsoft at its simplest.
Small number of players, as team or individuals, played in a small area, in or around a building, car or even out in the open.
Players only use similar weapons (eg: all pistol, but everything is optional.) in order to reenact the gun fights experienced by anyone on the rough streets or in law enforcement, or military. These are very quick matches and may be set up in a scenario like using a vehicle that’s been “pulled over” or a robbery.
Basically get a good distance apart, someone says “go” and everyone starts shooting. Last man or team standing wins.
And repeat! Fun level:***

02, DeathMatch.

All players start in the middle of the map and have a set base / bunker / flag / drum /tree in the middle of the field.
At a “go” everyone runs to find somewhere to hide hopefully away from everyone else. No shooting allowed.
After 10 seconds (or up to a minute pending field size and player numbers) a whistle /horn or some screams a game start and then it’s just plain old killem all.
If it moves shoot it, everyone is an Opfor (enemy).
If your hit you’re out.
Last one alive wins the game.
Or after a set time 5 to 10 Min (pending arena size and players) and several plays still alive, start a count down, “1 min left”… “30 seconds” “20” “10, 9,8” etc… “1… Game over” whoever is closest to the base when time is up, is the winner.
Fun level:**

03, Team Deathmatch

Team deathmatch, or TDM is a standard way to play airsoft. Two teams play each other.
Usually a set time 10 to 30 min pending field and size of group.
Once you hit your out of the game.
winner is team last alive or most players left at times up.
Fun level:*

04, TDM with re-spawning.

Same as above but each side has a set base / bunker / flag / drum /tree and once you get hit you go back to the Respawn point.
You also need to keep track of all the kills you get. At the end of the match, players combine all of their kills, and whichever team has more kills wins.
Fun level:**

05, TDM with re-spawning and honorable Death.

Played with set time (10 to 30 min) Same as TDM with respawning, but you count how many time you die.
Pen and paper is needed at each respawn point with a list of all players.
Once a player gets hit he returns to the respawn base, marks a 1 by his name and is back ingame.
The Winner is the player that has taken the most hits.
Fun level:***