20, Terminator AKA Juggernaut

Played with 2 teams with 2 re-spawning bases and is a type of payload force-back game.
One player volunteer with maximum vest, neck protection, helmet and crotch protection is the terminator and carries 1 or 2 big guns. Also has a metal bowl attached to the back of his vest. He cannot die and starts on a knee in the Centre of the field “deactivated” .
To activate the terminator you must touch the terminator and tell him what team colour he has now joined. Eg: “you on the red team”. The terminator stands up and starts walking slowly towards the Opfors base shooting at them along the way.
To deactivate the terminator you have to shoot him in the metal bowl which he will hear and return to on a knee position to await re-activation.
To reactivate him any one player touches him and tells him what team he has joined. Eg”Your on the blue team now”
Each time player gets 3 lives, eg: first live plus 2 re-spawns. And game end’s when the terminator reaches ether bases or one side is all eliminated.
But Note: do not shoot the terminator excessively as all this will do is get him pissed and hunt you down 😉
Fun Factor :***