15, Hamburger Hill

(note no hill is require as it’s just a game about territory. 😉 )
Set time game 20 to 2 hours on a good size field and good number of players divided in to 2 or 4 equal teams.
Also needed 1 coloured flag, per base per team.
Field with 4 to 8 or more base, although 6 bases are good on a medium field, and all positioned at equal distances apart. Each base has 1 flag per team colour.
So with 2 teams 2 different colour flags, and 4 teams 4 flags… Per base.
Teams start at either end, away from the bases or at one base and instantly raise one flag.
Objective of each team is to get to each base and raise their team colour flag.
When time is up, which every team has the most flags raised is the winner.
Fun Factor :***