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21 Top Airsoft Game Types & Airsoft Rule Book

“So many players… …So little time.”

Knowledge is Key
1, Shootout/ Terrorist takedown, Gangsters, Cops and Robbers, etc etc…

2, DeathMatch.

3, Team Deathmatch

4, TDM with re-spawning.

5, TDM with re-spawning and honorable Death.

6, Find the Sniper / Insurgent ambush.

7, King of the Hill, Attack & Defend.

8, King of the Hill, 3 Man Team Respawning.

9, Tag

10, Bulldog Rush / Birthday Boy Bash.

11, VIP / Escort / President

12, Head of the Snake… Duel VIP / Escort / President / Commander.

13, Capture the Flag

14, Capture the flag 2.0 / Epic Round Robin

15, Hamburger Hill

16, Vietnam Trail.

17, Detonator Defuse

18, Demolitions

19, Clone Wars / Tactical Medic’s

20 Terminator

21, The End is near…

Followed by An Airsoft Rule Book

Airsoft Rule Book

Please use and edit at will for your Team, Club, or Game Site.

1 Gun Rules
2 Basic Safety
3 Game Control
4 One Hit Elimination
5 No hit calling.
6 No Hostages
7 No holding or grappling
8 Surrender, BINGO! BANG!
9 Knife Kill
10 No time outs
11 Dead men tell no tales.
12 Civilians
13 Observe proper decorum
14 Do not display your airsoft gun in public.
15 Do not play in full view of the Public!

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If poor game type combined with some inexperience players can become camp-a-thons. (just a few players left far apart and no one moving) Adding objectives can help eliminate this, as well as respawning. But if your game type has nether, all games can be push forwards by asking the Game Marshall/ time keeper for a quicker ending and to let the remaining players know that the game is ending and with a “2 min” warning, then “1 min left”… “30 seconds” “20” “10, 9,8” etc… “1… Game over” for hopefully a dramatically ending.

Knowledge is Key

A key to a great game is that everyone should be aware of all rules, details of the field, boundaries, start / spawn /objectives locations, all need to be explain well, or even print out a few copies for reference beforehand. If maps are available one copy for each side can be a tactical godsend for pre-round planning.
But also note as a player you must be aware of all rules and if you don’t understand anything, please ask. As its better to ask a silly question, than to make a silly mistake.
If you get caught out by not knowing a rule, it can only be your fault for not asking the right questions or listening to the instructions. Same with equipment, if anyone is using smoke, grenades or claymores or other special equipment, it’s better to let everyone know before the game begins, than to have a game end pre-maturely.