02, DeathMatch.

All players start in the middle of the map and have a set base / bunker / flag / drum /tree in the middle of the field.
At a “go” everyone runs to find somewhere to hide hopefully away from everyone else. No shooting allowed.
After 10 seconds (or up to a minute pending field size and player numbers) a whistle /horn or some screams a game start and then it’s just plain old killem all.
If it moves shoot it, everyone is an Opfor (enemy).
If your hit you’re out.
Last one alive wins the game.
Or after a set time 5 to 10 Min (pending arena size and players) and several plays still alive, start a count down, “1 min left”… “30 seconds” “20” “10, 9,8” etc… “1… Game over” whoever is closest to the base when time is up, is the winner.
Fun level:**