Game types

Game Types

Introducing various types of games with instructions.

06, Find the Sniper / Insurgent ambush.

Good for smaller groups wanting a quick game, with 30% of the group (preferable one player using a sniper rifle/bolt action rifle but is not essential) has two minutes to hide with a few other players as support, usually in light bush to jungle. Once the game starts the Hunters are to wonder into the bush locate the snipers and eliminate them.
Hunters get unlimited lives and return to a respawn point to reenter the game. Sniper and support only get one life. Once all snipers and support are eliminated. Pick a new team and repeat.
Fun level:**

07, King of the Hill, Attack & Defend.

A portion of the players (30 to 70%) barricade themselves on a hill, building, defendable position or even a relatively open area and once set up can not advance.
And the rest of the players are the attackers and must attack.
Can be played with one shot one kill, or with both teams having respawn points and the defenders have with only 2 respawns eg: 3 lives, and attackers have unlimited lives. Eg: attackers will always win.
Fun level:**

08, King of the Hill, 3 Man Team Respawning..

Set time limit to 10 or 15 min.
3 or 4 teams of 3, 4, or 5 players start in the 4 corners of the map.
field has 1 set object base / bunker / flag / drum /tree and a dead zone for hit players to go to, but at ether ends of the field and it doesn’t matter who starts closest to the objective.
Additional players can start in the dead zone waiting to make a team of them.
Once you are hit you move to the dead zone to make a new team of 3, 4, or 5, pending the original team size limit. So each new team will be a mix of other teams so make note of your new team quickly, and stay close to them.
When the team is formed they re-enter the field and announce loudly “New team on the field” “Here we come ” to let everyone know to which your back.
New teams only enter the field once every 1 or 2 mins, and must try to head in a different direction from what the previous team had taken.
Teams that are near the object try to take it and hold it.
New teams try to get there as fast as possible and anyone in the middle is the meat of this shyt sandwich.
Or after a set time is up, start a count down, “1 min left”… “30 seconds” “20” “10, 9,8” etc… “1… Game over” whichever team is closest to the base when time is up, is the winner.
This game is great practice for team Identification, working as small unit with swift team movements, covering your rear, and the bingo/Bang rule.
Fun Factor :***

09, Tag

The game starts as a Free for all Deathmatch type game as above.
All the players start the game hiding from each other than after a game start whistle, once you hit an opponent, they fall to the ground as if wounded.
You can now move towards them and place your hands on their shoulder to “Revive” them for 10 seconds, now they are back in the game and a part of your team. Game ends when everyone is on the same team.
Everyone wins!
Fun level:***

10, Bulldog Rush / Birthday Boy Bash.

Similar to tag, but game starts with all against one… volunteer or birthday boy / groom to be in one corner of the field
All other players are spread out well across the field and cannot move forward.
Although there should be only 2 players closest to the attacking player that can engage him. And 3 more spread out behind them.
Only the attaching player has a respawn base or wall and once hit returns to it to respawn as normal.
Once defenders are hit the go towards the attackers respawn and once there join his team.
Game ends with a frantic rush to find the last defenders by a very large team. Everyone wins!
Fun Factor :**