Game types

Game Types

Introducing various types of games with instructions.

11, VIP / Escort / President

One team has to escort an unarmed (or in some cases, a very lightly armed) person to a certain location or objective point to win. There is another team who tries to kill the escort or the whole team. Usually the attacking team hides while the escort team travels along a normal path.
VIP needs to be identifiable at a distance by wearing construction vest, or extra colored tape or a funny hat for example.
If a player is hit he is eliminated
Once the VIP is hit, its game over.
Fun Factor :**

12, Head of the Snake… Duel VIP / Escort / President / Commander.

Same as VIP, but both teams have one, and ether have to move them to a set location to win, or just keep them alive similar to TDM with one critical kill and is game over if the VIP / Commander is eliminated.
Fun Factor :***

13, Capture the Flag

Can be played with 1 flag or 2 or several and has a set time limit.
Generally one flag in each base, and returning the Opfor’s (opposing forces) flag to you base gets a point. Flags are then quickly reset and the game is repeated.
Each team should have a respawn point away from the flag base, but equal distance for both sides. Flags cannot be hidden and general placed on an open area. Flag carriers most not hide flags and if they are hit must place the flag nearby so it is visible and not hidden.
Ether team can then pick up the dropped flag to return to their base.
Fun Factor :**

14, Capture the flag 2.0 / Epic Round Robin

For larger games, multi flags (Eg: 5 flags each) at a base or several bases and is similar to the standard capture the flag. But flags are not reset, unless one team has all.
Only one person can carry one flag at one time.
For the epic effect…can be played with 4 teams, 4 bases, and 5 flags each. A neutral zone in the middle can hold all 20 flags or most part of the flags to start with.
Note will lead to some very special tactics and epic battles to reclaim lost flags while defend your own base. And good team markings are essential.
After set time expires, whichever team holds most flags wins.
Fun Factor :****

15, Hamburger Hill

(note no hill is require as it’s just a game about territory. 😉 )
Set time game 20 to 2 hours on a good size field and good number of players divided in to 2 or 4 equal teams.
Also needed 1 coloured flag, per base per team.
Field with 4 to 8 or more base, although 6 bases are good on a medium field, and all positioned at equal distances apart. Each base has 1 flag per team colour.
So with 2 teams 2 different colour flags, and 4 teams 4 flags… Per base.
Teams start at either end, away from the bases or at one base and instantly raise one flag.
Objective of each team is to get to each base and raise their team colour flag.
When time is up, which every team has the most flags raised is the winner.
Fun Factor :***