Game types

Game Types

Introducing various types of games with instructions.

16, Vietnam Trail.

Field is long and narrow, or along a road, or path. Defending team hides along the road to ambush the other team. Attaching team is to travel along the road or just from one end of the field to the other. If defenders are hit they are to move to re-spawn 15 to 20m back down the field and can’t move forward. If attackers are hit the must pretend to be wounded and cannot shoot. Any team mate can be a medic and to heal must touch them on the shoulders, then count 20 seconds. Then the wounded player is healed and back in the game. Once defenders are forces back to the end of the field they are out of the game, so attackers will always win. If you need to make it harder for the attackers, only have 1 or 2 medics. Fun Factor :***

17, Detonator Defuse

Can be played with TDM with respawn rules, but with a hidden satchel charge (mock explosive, (usually a kitchen timer with alarm attached to a box or bananas) set to go off in 15 to 30 min pending team and field size. Objective is to find and disarm the bomb. Timer can be hidden in the middle of the field so both teams race to find and disarm. or one team can defend and the timer is hidden on their half of the field. Team that defuses the bomb wins. If no one defuses the bomb everyone loses. Fun Factor : **

18, Demolitions

Similar to Detonator, but this time there are two bases, and an object to represent a satchel charge (mock explosive) is placed in the middle of the field between the two bases. One team begins in each base. The goal is to take the charge to the enemy’s base. When the charge reaches the enemy’s base and remains untouched by the enemy for 2 minutes (depending on rules), the enemy loses. If the charge carrier is eliminated anyone can pick up the charge.
Respawn points can be use once shoot, but there positions shouldn’t be too close to the bases.
Fun Factor : ***

19, Clone Wars / Tactical Medic’s

Similar to a TDM with respawning but with one major difference. The difference being once players at hit they are to remain seated or laying, and call for a medic. Once a medic arrives to touch the player they then both must return to their base together to respawn the hit player. If ether players are hit the they must both wait for medics.
Or if you can touch an enemy player that has been hit and waiting for their medic, he has to follow you back to your base and he then is out of the game.
This is a very tactical team game as you need to work together to keep your team alive because any lone wolfs are lost easily.
Fun Factor :****

20, Terminator AKA Juggernaut

Played with 2 teams with 2 re-spawning bases and is a type of payload force-back game.
One player volunteer with maximum vest, neck protection, helmet and crotch protection is the terminator and carries 1 or 2 big guns. Also has a metal bowl attached to the back of his vest. He cannot die and starts on a knee in the Centre of the field “deactivated” .
To activate the terminator you must touch the terminator and tell him what team colour he has now joined. Eg: “you on the red team”. The terminator stands up and starts walking slowly towards the Opfors base shooting at them along the way.
To deactivate the terminator you have to shoot him in the metal bowl which he will hear and return to on a knee position to await re-activation.
To reactivate him any one player touches him and tells him what team he has joined. Eg”Your on the blue team now”
Each time player gets 3 lives, eg: first live plus 2 re-spawns. And game end’s when the terminator reaches ether bases or one side is all eliminated.
But Note: do not shoot the terminator excessively as all this will do is get him pissed and hunt you down 😉
Fun Factor :***